Pre-K - 12 Representation

Our services for Pre-K - 12 include representation at:

IEP & 504 meetings: Federal law mandates that all decisions about a child’s education be made in a meeting that includes the parents. We attend IEP and Section 504 meetings virtually every day, to help our clients to navigate the process, and advocate for their desired outcome.

Disciplinary hearings: When facing long term suspension or expulsion, having experienced legal representation is a necessity to help the student get back on track, and back to class.

Dispute resolution: There are several ways to solve disagreements. We advise parents as to the best option for them, and then represent them in the various proceedings. Some examples include:

Mediation: An informal, voluntary, and confidential meeting between parents, school officials, and a neutral third-party;

Due process hearings: Civil trials conducted before an administrative hearing officer or judge who decides the case based upon the evidence;

Litigation: Typically in federal court, and usually about an appeal from a due process decision;

State complaint: A written, formal complaint restricted to issues of IEP compliance and/or implementation.

Private placement: A unique situation where public schools fund a student in a private school. Setting up the case, and getting into the hands of the decision makers takes both knowledge and experience. We have both.

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