What areas do you service?

Our attorneys are licensed in Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia. When situations arise and local counsel is in place we handle cases nationwide.

What are the costs associated?

Cost varies from case to case. Depending upon circumstance. As a rule, we are a fee-based practice. We always strive to make representation affordable.

Do you offer pro-bono?

The term pro-bono implies that the client lacks the ability to pay. As attorneys, we have an obligation to provide pro-bono representation when necessary. We will always consider pro-bono or reduced fee representation if we can make a significant difference in the child’s life.

What is the difference between Advocate and Attorney?

Attorneys are advocates. Our ethical responsibility is to provide zealous advocacy and we do. There are a group of professionals who title themselves “advocates.” These are often professionals who are knowledgeable about special education, and who can be very beneficial to clients, particularly in the IEP process. A skilled advocate can help parents to make their concerns known to the IEP team, and to help identify areas of concern in the IEP. However, n on-attorney advocates cannot provide legal representation, and should not be representing parents in legal disputes. Special education is a legal issue, and only a licensed attorney can give legal advice.

At what point should I think about hiring an attorney?

If you’re asking this question, you’re probably there already. The moment you encounter vocabulary you don’t fully understand is a good rule of thumb. Education law, in particular, the rights of children with disabilities or those who are recommended for suspension or expulsion is a complex and highly specific field. Many parents benefit merely from the guidance of an attorney as they navigate through the process. Others benefit having an attorney by their side to advocate for their wishes. Others benefit from the skill and expertise of a licensed attorney in resolving legal disputes. As a rule, the earlier we are involved the better the outcome.

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