Judith Bluefeld-Amick, Esq.

Judith Bluefield Amick is an attorney and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (Retired). Before joining the practice, Ms. Bluefeld Amick was a school psychologist in Maryland for many years, most recently in Montgomery County Public Schools. As a school psychologist, Ms. Bluefeld Amick worked with special education students across all age and disability levels, including work with IEP development and 504 procedures. She served on the MCPS 504 committee when the initial procedures were developed. She also worked in the Central Placement Unit of MCPS, where she assessed and monitored students placed in non-public schools. She is a zealous advocate for children with special needs Ms. Bluefeld Amick also has extensive experience in family law, and has worked with families with special needs children in the areas of separation, divorce, and guardianship. She is a member of the Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland State Bar Association, the Learning Disabilities Association (national and local). Maryland School Psychologists’ Association and the National Association of School Psychologists. She currently serves as the chairperson of the Pro Bono Committee of the Bar Association of Montgomery County.

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